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Latest news focused audience’ attention over the conditions of both streets and highways that cross our country, and more specifically on bridges. This problem becomes sadly know due to the collapses in Annone Brianza (on October 28, 2016) on the main street number 36 which is a link among the cities of Milan, Monza, Brianza, Lecco and Sondrio; and the one happened in Camerano (on March 09, 2017) on the highway A14 in the road section between Loreto and Ancona.
The two collapses have several things in common: they both happened in afternoon (around 5:30 pm in Annone and around 2:00 pm in Camerano) when the traffic was pretty massive; they both were recently constructed, in Camerano there were still “men at work”, and they both showed off the total inaction of the authority even though in both cases dead people were registered.
The problem may involve several other connections, in fact the same day of the Annone collapse ANAS (the authority in charge for highways and streets) made checks also over other bridges in that region, due to the fact they were exposed at the same climatic conditions.
A special focus should be given to the Cantù’ bridge, which connect the small town in Brianza with Asnago; in fact on November 2016 as a precaution and without any technical verification, the bridge itself undertake a transit ban only for goods transportation over 7.5 tons, and only in March after technical verifications it has been raised up temporarily to 19 tons.
The security/renewal interventions from the authority still worth basically zero, or even damaging. The ban which stands only for goods transportation not only left the danger for people who can transit over it, but it also creates and economic injury so high that several truckers felt forced to unify themselves in a committee and claim damages.
In fact, the Committee properly called “Ponte Cantù-Asnago” and headed by Sergio Pini, during one of its several meetings at which joined also On. Nicola Molteni, also from Cantù, gave the authorization to the Callipari’ Legal Firm from Verona to deal with public authorities involved with the aim to claim damages suffered from all the companies during the four months of shut down.

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