"Non c'è nessun vento favorevole per chi non sa verso quale porto dirigersi." (Seneca)

Dear All,
I draw inspiration from this aphorism to invoke the guide idea of this new adventure. Without a full and thorough knowledge of the rules that govern human action, one can not master a place, a subject, a field of activity.
I am convinced of the truth of this assumption, and so I decided to create, together with a qualified and competent staff, the European Studies Center of road haulage, a website dedicated to the world of transports, an open platform of free discussion and debate, which aims to become a qualified support tool available to all operators, national and international ones, as well as a place of networking at European level for professionals and businesses of this significant sector.
The globalization of trade and the creation of the single European market, in fact, led to an increase in the commerce of goods, making road transport system strategic in the logistics chain, thanks to its capillarity and flexibility.
The beginning idea is that it is necessary to proceed with a constant and updated discussion on several issues that the legislation provides relating to the practice activity of the operators; this is even more important for the haulage of goods discipline, which involves a continuous intersection of different legislative levels (national and international) and, more generally, a stratification of rules that makes the conversion into a system particularly complex.
According to the abovementioned concepts, the European Studies Center aims to become an active player in the debate on the most important topics in the sector, together with institutions and many friends of the employers' associations of road haulage, offering to those who are interested the establishment of study groups, the organization of conferences, seminars and round tables, and the production of scientific publications, available on line through our website.
A cultural nature platform, then, that is open to all operators in the transports sector and is happy to accommodate and process the different contributions coming from the experience gained in the daily activity; a portal that wants to feed on experiences and different points of view and offer a valid and updated reference to work in the field.
Moved by enthusiasm and conviction of who firmly believe in the possibility of creating a system through the encounter and common reflection, I want, first of all, to say thanks to those who believed in this project from the beginning.
I invite all operators and professionals of the road haulage world to follow the activities of the CSE on our website http://www.cseautotrasporto.it/, hoping that they can benefit from the results that we hope to achieve in the future.


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